My kindergarten kids at Winston International
My Korean kids for extra swimming lessons at Royal city
If you are a vibrant, energetic, and enthusiastic English educator with diverse experience in implementing various activities. You're a person that enjoys creating a positive and stimulating learning environment that promotes active learning. Enjoy's facing challenges head-on and able to adapt to any situation. You pride yourself on being a people's person and showing great interest in new adventures, activities as well as cultures... Then being an ESL educator is definitely the job for you!
Grade 3 students in Vietnam, Hanoi, Bac Ninh
Center works for extra lessons. Vietnam, Hanoi, Bac Ninh
Art and music festival, Vietnam
Grade 2 students in Vietnam, Hanoi, Bac Ninh
View from the teachers toilet 
in Vietnam, Hanoi, Bac Ninh
Our local afternoon chill
spot, Vietnam, Hanoi, Tay Ho
ESL demo video for teens and adults. Get qualified at
This is a great demo video for teen and adult students. Teaching online with no experience
can be stressful so we have provided this video as an example to guide you and help you
feel more confident in knowing how to become an online teacher. Having the ability to
know how to teach online and earn money is extremely satisfying. Get paid to teach online
while having fun. I, know how to teach online and love every minute of it. If you are a
native English speaker and enjoy creating a positive, fun and stimulating learning
environment, then teaching online is the perfect job for you!
ESL demo video for kindergarten online schools. Get qualified at
Teaching online with no experience can be daunting so we have provided an example of a
demo video when applying for online teaching positions. This demo video is an example of
this particular teacher's first-ever introduction video and you can tell he’s a little nervous. It’s
a great video, but there is room for improvement so please take this into consideration . To
know how to become an online teacher or know how to teach online is very important and it
comes with experience, with experience comes confidence. Once you are qualified to teach
ESL you can get paid to teach English online which can be a great source of income and
extremely rewarding work.



Although it's perfectly valid to choose to teach abroad without having taught ESL online before, in some situations, we suggest testing the waters before fully committing.

When to try teaching ESL online prior to teaching abroad:

  • You're a brand new ESL teacher and you want to get a little experience

  • You're worried that you might not like teaching ESL

  • You need to find work in between quitting your job at home and beginning your new job abroad

 Dip your toes in before moving abroad

Flexibility and freedom

Choosing to teach online before teaching abroad allows you to get a feel for what teaching ESL learners will be like before committing to moving abroad. If you feel like you need to try out ESL teaching in a more flexible environment, then teaching online for a few months is a perfect solution.

You'll have the freedom to teach whenever you're able to, and if you decide that you don't like it, you aren't in a year-long contract. However, if you decide that you love it, you'll feel much more comfortable and confident moving overseas to teach! 

New to ESL teaching or are you experienced?

If you're an experienced teacher already, moving abroad to teach might not seem quite as scary as it does to beginner teachers. However, it's still a big life decision, so it's okay to try out teaching ESL online before moving overseas.


Have an income while looking for a job abroad

Having any kind of ESL teaching experience on your CV will look great to overseas schools. Teaching online in between jobs, or even on the side of your 9-5 will allow you to earn extra money and get useful experience while you decide whether you want to teach abroad.

 It's a great thing to fall back on if your overseas adventure doesn't go as planned

Most things in life don't go exactly as planned, which isn't a bad thing! Online teaching can be a great backup plan or side-gig while you're teaching abroad. 

Plus, things come up when you're teaching abroad - maybe you need to go home because of health or family problems. If you have to leave your contract unexpectedly, having online teaching experience will help you score another online teaching job to help you get back on your feet once you're home.



Welcome to the online teaching world! If it it’s your first time teaching online, you may have some questions about how to connect with students and be the best online teacher you can be. Here are some tips that will help you get started teaching online.



There are many resources and websites available to help you. No matter if you’re a new teacher starting from the beginning or you’re an experienced teacher looking for fresh online games and activities, there are many places to find resources for teaching online. You can find plenty of online flashcards, games, and programs made for use in your lesson.

Check out these websites:



Use the technology you have 

  • Computer

  • Internet connection

  • Webcam

You’re almost there! You will probably need a microphone or headset as well to help with the audio, but as long as you have these basics, you’re good to go!

Smile & have positive energy in your online lesson

Because you’re teaching from behind a computer screen, you need to make sure your energy and positivity comes through to your students. Creating a fun learning environment will allow your students to feel more comfortable and help build their confidence. Also, if you’re teaching young students who have never had a foreign teacher before, you want to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable. Just because you’re teaching from behind a computer screen, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a bond!

 Know your online teaching platform

There are many different online teaching platforms and programs used to teach ESL and connect you with students. It’s important to know your platform and be familiar with its tools before the lesson starts, so that you can best use the platform in lessons. Many programs have fun games and activities and special features included for you to use with your students.

Create a quiet & comfortable teaching space

When you teach online from home, it is important you have a quiet work area where you can set your computer up. You can set up a nice background or colourful map behind you to add some fun to your teaching area. Add your personality to it, without it being too distracting for the student. Whether you sit or stand is up to you, just make sure you can teach comfortably.



Be professional & prepared before your online lesson starts

Make sure you have prepped your lessons beforehand and gathered all necessary teaching materials. This way you don't have to scramble during your lesson. It's also important to present yourself in a professional way. You don't need to overdress, but make sure you look presentable for teaching.

South Africa to Vietnam – My experience as an ESL teacher 


Have you ever felt like you were in a rut and just wanted more out of life? More travel, more fun, more money…Yea, me too! 

All of these things lead me to make the biggest decision of my life to start a new adventure...but like most people, you know you want something different but where do you even begin? 

I had seen many of my friends doing different things, there was yachting (too expensive), working at country clubs in America (not really my thing) and then there was teaching in Asia. Mm… I've never imagined being a teacher, nevermind ever going back to school. Then I realized that I could earn the same, if not more than the average 9-5 job working half the hours while traveling plus the cost of living is so much cheaper… PERFECT! I’ve always been an energetic person and I love kids so it seemed like the best fit for me. 


First things first 

The first step was to get my TEFL certificate. I began searching online: “how to get TEFL certificate in South Africa”, “online TEFL course”, “internationally recognized TEFL courses” …you get the picture, I did a lot of research haha. You can get the online TEFL course I did here: . The TEFL course wasn’t too difficult and I really enjoyed doing it. 


Where to go?

There are so many great places you can go and teach successfully…China, Spain, Thailand, Canada, Russia but Vietnam stood out to me most with its mixture of laid-back teaching environments, high quantity of jobs, and low cost of living.

When it comes to looking for work, there are two options. Option 1, arrange work before arriving (there are so many teaching jobs advertised online and especially on Facebook groups) Doing this could help make the transition of moving abroad a bit easier and it means immediate income, however when you agree to a job before arrival, you will be tied to a company and contract before you’ve got your bearings.   

Option two, if you are enthusiastic and have savings then you can try wing it and look for work once you’ve arrived. This option may sound a little scary, but there will always be work available so you will definitely find a job. Plus, you will be able to see where you stay before signing a contract, so if you don’t like an area then you can move on and look for work somewhere else. 

(bridge pic, train street pic, buildings video, pic of scooter by water & buildings) 



I spent 2 years teaching in Vietnam, and in that time I did quite a few different teaching jobs. I worked at a kindergarten, the kids are so cute but it’s challenging trying to teach small kids and keep their attention. I worked at a middle-school, this was one of my favourites because the kids already had some knowledge and understanding of English so it was easier to communicate and make jokes with them and more importantly they understood the games, which was a great way to get the kids to learn, plus they would keep their group mates in check to avoid losing out on a star. I also worked as a swimming

What this course did for me and what it can do for you!!!

A lot of people dream of traveling the world. However, many don’t ever make it happen. Teaching abroad is a great way to turn that dream into reality.

Well... This is my story... I have no degree just a few certificates that have nothing to do with English."What am I going to do"??...

I came across this 120Hr TEFL course and it changed my life!

With just this TEFL course I was able to travel, meet new people, learn about different cultures, and the best part ...earn money while doing it. When I went abroad with no degree just this 120hr TEFL course I was able to teach :

  • Kindergarten to primary school to high school students

  • Private tuition

  • I also became an English swimming teacher. If you don't like teaching and prefer becoming a sports coach overseas it is very possible (IF YOU HAVE A TEFL CERTIFICATE).

  • Online (I now teach 100% online) and travel as I please.

 When clients / schools / agents met me they were satisfied that I was a native speaker with a  TEFL certificate. Qualified!!

There it is! 4 different ways to earn money, a qualification recognised in over 40 different countries just off this simple 120hr TEFL course.  It's really no joke how this simple TEFL certificate as change my life!!