This TEFL has helped me in so many ways. It helped me live, work and explore in Vietnam where I met people from the UK, Ireland, and other countries that were either on the same mission or people passing by exploring the country. Most importantly I met a lot of people that live all around South Africa. I met a few South Africans without realizing that we had something in common...

We had the same Tefl Certificate. This Tefl certificate has helped us all in so many ways, some are online teachers some are sports coach's and some are in-class teachers and some are even doing all three! I'm so grateful for this course as I had a vision and this course helped me achieve that vision.



I just finished my 120-hour Tefl course and I am very glad I did it. The course was online and I could finish each unit in my own time. It was easy to navigate within the system. The materials were well structured, informative, clear, and interesting. These materials and valuable resources give you so much knowledge and I feel confident and enjoyed it very much. I can highly recommend this course to those who are interested in teaching.


This course is perfect for those who are at the beginning of their teaching career or looking to teach online with no experience and wanting to get paid to teach online. My next step is to learn how to teach English online with TPR and PROPS to provide valuable information, tips, techniques, and advice because knowing how to teach online and earn seems like the best career and I would love to take full advantage of it. 


I am so glad I joined FlyTefl. There are hundreds of places to do an online course to teach English, however, the FlyTEFL offers something I believe the other organizations do not. That is 100% support throughout the course! The course itself is challenging and can be very difficult at times, but as you continue to complete the units, you learn to understand ways of working smarter and saving some time to do the assignments. I was simply amazed at how detailed the course content was. Everything was easy to read and understand. When you make sufficient time for your TEFL tests and assignments, you are more than able to get a distinction. I was happy with all of the feedback and assistance received by TEFL support. It was just as they said, within 5 working days. I found this course really exciting and it taught me new ways of teaching and learning at the same time. This course will definitely make you excited to teach. I am currently awaiting my certificate, which I will be proud to have and showcase because I have completed a challenging yet necessary course. I am more than pleased with the TEFL course!

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